"MARCH 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes"

Meeting was called to order by President Martin Cieszko at 6:10 and invocation was given by Martin Cieszko.

Minutes approved by Doug Lyon and 2nded by Kathy Believeau.

Treasurer's report was given by President Martin Cieszio in Henry Heath's absence. At the same time the budget for 2014 was discussed by the President and after much discussion it was motioned by Ann Brinson that the budget be emailed to the membership to review and if there are any questions they will be brought up at next meeting.


Roxane Bond - Sunshine:  Received a thank you card from Rich Meyer and read to the membership, gave a report on Harold Mozingo that he is recovering well and his room number. Franky Waters stated that Jack had some health issues but is doing well now and that a lot of members might not want the membership to know if they are ill and to please remember their privacy.

Juliet Meyer - Membership:  announced that we have a total of 86 members currently paid and 12 that have not re-upped. She has sent letters to each of them with no response so far.

Kathy Beliveau - Social:  The Social committee currently has no plans for any events in April since SOS is the 1st 2 weekends of April and then Easter is the following weekend.

Rich Meyer - Ways & Means:  Will be doing a 50/50 this evening and will start working on a Raffle for the near future.

LaVerne Mozingo - Website:  LaVerne was absent so no report.

Sylvia Anders - Dance:  Gave background on how SOS (Society of Stranders) came about and who started it. How it was purchased in 1990 by the Association of Carolina Shag Club and they are still the current owners as of today.

There are SOS cards still available and if anyone needs any please contact Martin Cieszko for the application and card.

President asked if anyone interested in participating in the SOS Parade or furnishing a float and the membership voted "no".

Ken McDonald - Bylaws:  Will be getting together with committee the following week and will be presenting the proposed changes at next month's meeting.

Lynette Rigsbee - Phone Tree:  Things going well with no problems currently.


The band that was discussed at February's meeting has been cancelled due to some misunderstanding on how much they were to be paid. The costs seem to continue to rise when it was agreed upon for only door proceeds.


President mentioned that our members should consider attending other Shag Club events offered since many have visited our Shag Club recently. Raymond Rigsbee mentioned that he will be playing for the Goldsboro Sugar Foot Shag Club in August and that would be a good one for our members to attend. It is on a Saturday night and he will get us more information when the time is closer.

Sylvia Anders wanted to correct some information that was stated in January minutes about needing to get more younger members and that we need to remember that doesn't mean Juniors but people 21 yrs. of age or older. She felt like people thought we wanted to get Juniors to join and that isn't the case at all.

Carlton Heath stated that there will be a Sports Event going on during the SOS and that if you haven't gotten your rooms you need to immediately because places are filling up fast.

Motion to adjourn at 6:55 and seconded by Rich Meyer.

Respectfully submitted,
Lana H. Cieszko, Secretary

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  • APR 4-13 SOS Spring Safari