"FEBRUARY 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes"

Prior to the start of the meeting Gayle Midyette asked for a moment to address the club. She relayed to everyone that Susie Harrell's son Alex Burnette had passed away that morning and asked that everyone keep Susie and her family in prayer. Susie we are so sorry for your profound loss and TRSC will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers, daily.

The meeting was called to order by VP Tanya Twitchell at 6:00 pm. The invocation was given by Homer Ray.

Pam Smith was recognized as a visitor, and we hope she will be returning as a member.

There were no corrections to the minutes as posted on the website.

The Treasurers Report was given and will be attached to the minutes.


MEMBERSHIP - NO REPORT - Kathy Beliveau was absent, so the members from re-up will be presented at the next meeting.

SOCIAL - Victoria Ferguson and Ann Brinson thanked Jack Bond and Carol Jordan for their help on the re-up party. There will be a St. Patrick's Day party March 17th at Attitudes and Claude will be cooking corned beef and cabbage. Please contact Victoria or Ann if you plan to eat. Victoria and Ann asked the membership for feed back on the types of parties wanted by the club.

SUNSHINE- Lora Starr reported that Kathy Banks is in UNC Chapel Hill recovering from surgery and is doing well. Rod Stem is working hard to overcome recent eye surgery. Thoughts and well wishes to these members.


SOCIAL MEDIA - Jose` Miyara wants to get a new picture of the officers with the new logo.

OLD BUSINESS: Jose` stated that no one from the Jr Shaggers has contacted him regarding a possible fund raiser for their trip to Paris, so he suggested cancelling any plans. A motion was made and carried to cancel the fund raiser. Jose` also brought up the SOP for the Nominating committee and if anyone is interested in being on the committee to please contact him.

NEW BUSINESS: Tanya gave a short report on the ACSC meeting held at Mid-Winter. TRSC had to forfeit the 2020 Summer Workshop due to the destruction in New Bern from Hurricane Florence. The workshop was won by the Smokey Mountain Shag Club from Pidgeon Forge. All their profits will go to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. Jackie Miyara has spoken to the Veterans Home in Kinston and they have asked that TRSC come and dance for their residents in March. Lora Starr made a motion to do so, and Jose` Miyara seconded the motion.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:44 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Lyon, Secretary