"DECEMBER 7, 2014 Meeting Minutes"

President Martin Cieszko called the December TRSC Meeting to order at 6:04 and gave the Invocation. He asked if there were any guests present and there were none.

November Minutes were motioned and approved to accept by Roxane Bond and 2nded by Mike Harrell.

Treasurer's Report - Henry Heath: Motioned to accept by Carlton Heath and 2nded by Jose Miraya.

President Cieszko commented on what a great job Henry Heath has done for the past 2 yrs. for the club as Treasurer.

President Cieszko stated that the Club looks great and wanted to thank Brenda Heath and all of her committee, (the names were read) for a wonderful job and he is sure it will look even more spectacular by the night of the TRSC Christmas Party on the 13th. Thanks for all the hard work! We will need volunteers to work the door on the night of the party and please see Lana if you are willing to work. We will be checking people in as well as guests.

OLD BUSINESS: President Cieszko reminded everyone that the new 2015 Slate of Officers were announced at the November meeting and that we needed to vote tonight. He asked if there were any other nominations from the floor. There were none so he asked for a vote on the new Slate of Officers and the new "At-Large" position to be held by Tanya Twichell. Vote was made and all nominations were approved for the new slate and will take office in January. That is Martin Cieszko - President, Jack Bond - V-President, Lana Cieszko - Secretary, Roxane Bond - Treasurer and Tanya Twichell - new position Director-at-Large.

President Cieszko announced that some of the Committee Chairs for last year have agreed to continue on for the upcoming 2015 year. LaVerne Mozingo - Webmaster, Jose Miraya - Social Media, Juliet Meyer - Membership, Rich Meyer - Ways & Means, DJ's - Doug Lyon. He has a few Committee positions left and asked for volunteers. He mentioned that Roxane Bond has done a wonderful job this year as Sunshine and would like for someone to volunteer for this Committee. Franky Waters spoke up and said she would be glad to head that Committee and Doris Johnson said she would help her.

He still has Social to fill and would like to see some members take it over for 3 month intervals to break up having to do so many Socials throughout the year and get burned out. No one volunteered at this time.

President Cieszko thanked Ken McDonald for his work on the new Club By-Laws this year and all of his committee that helped.


Membership - Juliet Meyer:  Juliet announced that we have 2 applications for membership and that both of them were previously members and will be voted on in January. Melva Prescott and Jackie Dudley.

Roxane Bond - Sunshine:  Roxane stated that Ira Scott is home from the hospital for his back surgery and is doing well.


Franky Waters asked if the Club has decided if they are going to donate any toys to any organization for Christmas this year. The response was no and so she made a motion that the Club donate $100 to the Salvation Army Christmas Stocking Fund. Carlton Heath 2nded and after much discussion the members voted and passed to donate with one vote against because of this expenditure not being in the budget for the year.

Motion was made to adjourn by Jose Miraya and 2nded by Carlton Heath at 6:26.

President Cieszko said "Let's Dance and have a great time!"

Respectfully submitted,
Lana H. Cieszko, Secretary of Record