"SEPTEMBER 7, 2014 Meeting Minutes"

President Martin Cieszko called the September meeting to order at 6:02 PM and he also gave the invocation.

President Cieszko asked if there were any visitors present and Mike Harrell mentioned that Jim Capps from Kinston was attending with them but has been here before and helped the club out many times.

August Minutes were approved by Mike Harrell and seconded by Roxane Bond.

Treasurer's Report - Henry Heath: Treasurers report was given by Henry Heath and a motion was made to accept by Carlton Heath and Mike Harrell seconded

President Cieszko mentioned that he was told just before the meeting that Andy Metts had to go to the hospital with some chest pains and wouldn't be attending and we all hoped it wasn't anything serious. He was going to have to do a Stress Test on Monday to determine what is going on. For that reason Janet Metts wouldn't be at the meeting or be able to help with the Pre-SOS Shooter Party but Mike Harrell volunteered to take her place instead.


Juliet Meyer - Membership:  Juliet announced that she has an application for membership on Tony Wolter sponsored by Sylvia Anders and the members will vote on this application at next month's meeting

Rich Meyer - Ways & Means:  Rich spoke to the members and thanked all of them for their hard work on the Labor Day Raffle and gave a final tally as to how much was raised and that 1016 tickets were sold. It was a great success and the membership thanked Rich for all of his hard work as well. Everyone had a great time at the Labor Day Party on Monday and Claude Banks was the DJ. The attendance was high and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time! "Lucky Boy" Raymond Rigsbee won the Raffle with his ticket being pulled from the basket by Doris Johnson, who sold the winning ticket last year. Congratulations Raymond!

Roxane Bond - Sunshine:  No Report

Carol Jordan & Ken Daub - Social:  They have stepped up and agreed to be the Social Chairs for the remainder of the year. They decorated the club for the Pre-SOS Shooter Party.

President Cieszko asked if anyone else had any reports that needed to be made and there were none.


President Cieszko mentioned that there are 22 people that have agreed to dance from our club for the Craven's Got Talent Exhibition on the 27th of October and he appreciated so many to step up and there was still time for others to join in on the fun. Juliet Meyer stated that she had tickets to that night with her and they are $5.00 and hoped everyone that could come would come and support the ones dancing and that it is for a great cause of raising money for the Special Olympics. It is at Grover C. Fields Middle School starting at 7:00pm


President Cieszko mentioned that Franky Waters and Jack weren't able to attend tonight because they had worked at the MS Bike-a-thon all weekend and were exhausted but wanted to let everyone know that she had mentioned TRSC in the paper and that several of our members had participated in helping in the past years and it was so appreciated.

President Cieszko stated that he was going to have Ken McDonald put together 2 committees. One is the Nominating Committee and he needs 3 volunteers to choose a 2015 Slate of Officers and 1 person for an At-Large Position on the Executive Board. That position was added in the new Bylaws that were approved this year. He also needs 3 volunteers to agree to do an Audit on the Treasury Books. Please let Ken know if you are interested on being on either of these committees. It was announced that Doris Johnson has agreed to be on the Audit Committee and so Ken needs 2 more. The Nominating committee needs to start the process so they are able to present the nominees at the November meeting. The Treasurers Audit will have to be determined by them as to a time and place with Henry Heath but before the change of Officers in December.

President Cieszko announced that he had a flyer from the Twisters Shag Club for their "Fall Cyclone" party in November. He also mentioned that next week starts the Fall SOS and hopes that everyone who is attending has a "Fun and Safe Time".

President Cieszko then asked for a motion to adjourn the September Meeting at 6:17 and Mike Harrell made the motion and Carlton Heath seconded.

Let's Dance and have a great Pre-SOS Party!!

Respectfully submitted,
Lana H. Cieszko, Secretary