"NOVEMBER 8, 2015 Meeting Minutes"

President Cieszko called the meeting to order at 6:05pm. president Cieszko opened the meeting with an Invocation and then asked if there were any guests for the night - none noted.

President Cieszko asked for a motion to accept minutes as written with Don Midyette making the motion, Doug Lyon 2nded and all approved.


Treasurer's Report - Roxane Russell:  President Cieszko gave a mini report due to the fact they just came back in town from the Fall Cyclone Event. Jose Miraya motioned to accept Treasurers report as given and Kathy Believeau 2nded and all approved.

Sunshine - Franky Waters:  Martin is back after knee replacement and doing good; Sylvia Anders had gallstones removed and fell but is recovering; Teresa Weeks had her knee replacement and is now at home trying to recover so she can get back out; and Brenda Heath is still in the hospital after having several issues and now has pneumonia. Please keep all of them in your thoughts and prayers and especially Brenda that she heals soon and gets to go home from the hospital!

Membership - Juliet Meyer:  We have 2 new members to vote on tonight - Scott & Kathy Fitzgerald made application (sponsored by Sylvia Anders) and were read last month. He is a minister with the Bayboro Baptist Church and they will probably not be able to attend on Sunday evenings but they do want to be members of the Twin Rivers Shag Club. Jose Miraya made a motion to accept Scott & Kathy into the TRSC Membership and Greg Mills 2nded with all approving.

There are 2 new applications for membership that were read - Homer Ray sponsored by Roxane Bond and Augusta Jackson, a retired school teacher, is sponsored by Gail Midyette.

If there are no objections these 2 names will be voted on for membership at the December meeting.


President Cieszko announced that all the proper paperwork has been sent in to the ACSC Committee for LaVerne Mozingo's nomination from our club to be inducted as an ICON. They usually choose 5 and then they are announced at the January ACSC Meeting. We all hope that LaVerne will be one of the ones selected for all the great accomplishments that she has done for the dance "Shag" community!

President Cieszko reminded everyone that the Carolina Sports in Morehead City will help anyone to get a TRSC Logo put on a shirt or any item and Patricia Lyon said she would be glad to take or pick up any item since she goes to Morehead City every other Friday. Just let her know or you can call the Carolina Sports to have something made since he has the logo that he was given when he made Martin and Lana's items. It would be great to go to other clubs together with our shirts or hats on to represent our club.


Nominating Committee: 

LaVerne Mozingo gave us the names of members who are willing to serve for the upcoming 2016 Board and they are President - Greg Mills, V-President - Phyllis Boyle, Secretary - LaVerne Mozingo, and Treasurer - Roxane Bond (who has graciously agreed to be treasurer for another year), and Director-at-Large - Lynette Rigsbee.

President Cieszko asked if there were any other names from the floor who would like to be considered for a Board position. No other names were submitted from the floor so this slate will be voted on at the December 6th meeting.

President Cieszko reminded everyone that the Nominating Committee only submits a proposed slate of Officers and Board and is not responsible for the other committees. Please think about what committee you would be willing to serve on for the upcoming year. Without a leader for each of these committees then the club is the one that suffers. Please step up and volunteer in some capacity!

TRSC Christmas Party: 

After talking with Brenda Heath she stated she is hoping to be able to help with the decorating of Attitudes for the Christmas party and if not at least be able to furnish the items. Lynette Rigsbee is in charge of the Social and with Brenda's help they would like to ask for volunteers in decorating and set up at Attitudes before the party. More information will follow as to when the club will be decorated. The date for the Christmas Party will be on the 12th of December and please remember to tell anyone who you think would be interested in attending. The price is the same as last year with member's attending for free and guests are $30.00. We will need to have a head count due to having food provided.

President Cieszko had 2 prints with him that has been donated to TRSC by ACSC and Raymond Rigsbee matted them for free. He would like to auction these prints off at our upcoming Christmas Party and have the proceeds go to a worthwhile charity, to be determined. It was suggested the proceeds could even go to the Fred Anders' Cancer Benefit Fund to continue to help members or others who could use help.


President Cieszko reminded everyone that he currently has the 2016 SOS cards and they would make great Christmas presents and if anyone needs any to see him. At the first of the year they will be turned over to the new President for sale.

President Cieszko wanted to thank everyone for all the visits, cards and food brought by during his stay at the hospital and at home from his knee surgery! The members of this club are so thoughtful and always step up when you need them and show how much they care for one another. Lana and I appreciated it so much and are thankful to call all of you "Friends"!

Claude Banks wants to remind everyone that he is continuing his "Pre-Thanksgiving Party" this year at 7pm on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving! If you are tired of cooking for the special day come on out and enjoy time with friends to celebrate good times and good food before Thanksgiving.

Janet Metts reminded everyone to come out on the 28th of November at 7:00pm and help her celebrate Andy's big "60" birthday party! Everyone is welcome to come and no gifts please! She will have a DJ and currently Betty Brown is scheduled to play.

Jack Bond stated that TRSC was well represented at the Fall Cyclone event and it was a great party! He and Roxane went as well as Rich and Juliet and Greg Mills. He is surprised they all made it back to the meeting in time since they all danced so much their feet hurt!

President Cieszko asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting with Ira Scott making the motion and Jose Miraya 2nded with all approved!

Let's Dance!

Respectfully submitted,
Lana H. Cieszko, Secretary of Record

The Fred Anders Cancer Benefit Fund Application is in the below PDF. Please open and print.

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