"JUNE 14, Meeting Minutes"

President Cieszko called the meeting to order AT 6:09 and also gave the invocation.

Minutes were approved and motioned to accept by Mike Harrell and 2nded by Phylis Boyle.


Treasurer's Reports - Roxane Russell:  Were approved and motioned to accept by Rich Meyer and 2nded by Susie Harrell.

Guests: - There were 2 guests present Rich Meyers Brother, Greg and Sister-in-law, Vickie from Austin, Texas.

Membership - Juliet Meyer:  Currently 81 members with 1 new application to present - George Cox is rejoining. He will be voted on at next month's meeting.

Sunshine - Doris Johnson in Franky Waters' absence:  No one to report that is sick or needs lifting up at this time.

Susie Harrell spoke up and would like for the Roster to be sent to the membership so that if one of our members does become ill we have an option to send a note or card and would like to be able to have an address versus having to call someone to get it. The members present voted to send out the membership roster to everyone. President Cieszko will see that this is done.

Social - Lynette Rigsbee, absent:  President Cieszko thanked Mike & Susie Harrell for allowing our Club to use their home for our Fish Fry. It was a wonderful time and they have a lovely home and place to have a party. In fact they have volunteered their home at any time and would like to plan another party for some time in the fall. President Cieszko also commended Lynette Rigsbee for her time and all the planning that she did to make this a great party. Her set up of the tables and decorations were perfect for a fish fry and her organizational skills were excellent. Also thanks go out to Don Midyette for providing the fish, and fries and also standing over the hot cooker all afternoon to get all the fish cooked. His lovely wife helped him and was an essential part to the completed task. Roxane Russell also cooked an outstanding pot of Low Country Boil. If anyone went away hungry it was their own fault!

Mike Harrell spoke and wanted to thank Martin Cieszko for bringing all the "large" industrial fans to keep everyone cool and the "port-a-john" for the men to partake in. A lot of effort by many people went into making this a fun day and on into the evening.

OLD BUSINESS: President Cieszko reminded everyone that on the 23rd of July they are getting shaggers together to do a repeat that was done in 1996 Olympics for as many shaggers as possible. They are inviting everyone down to Atlanta to participate in the 20 yr. event. If you would like more information please contact Martin

President Cieszko talked about the T-Shirts for the Club that was mentioned last month. He has done some research on them and has some prices from Bender Apparel. Someone suggested that he contact New Bern Sports because they have used them and were very pleased with the product and cost.

It was also mentioned to possibly change the current logo to having something on the back of the T-Shirt that has a Juke Box in the middle between two rivers flowing since that would match the name of our Club. It was well received and asked that we get a rendition of what it would look like and the cost to do them. President Cieszko will look into the costs to do set up and see if anyone can draw it up. Some mentioned that they don't want a T-Shirt that has writing on the back but would like something small on the front of the shirt. It was discussed that an order would be taken and paid for before any were purchased. More to follow.

Rich Meyer - Ways & Means:  Rich informed everyone that he currently has Raffle Tickets for a Reverse Drawing to be held on August 15th at Attitudes starting at 8pm. Tickets are $20 per ticket and for the person that sells the most tickets will receive 5 free for $100. 250 tickets are for sale. You do not have to be present to win. It will be a fun evening so invite people to come out and enjoy the evening and see Rich for the tickets and let's get all of these sold quickly.

Juliet Meyer spoke and said that we have been invited to do the Craven's Got Talent event again this year and the date is September 19th which she knows is the first weekend of SOS and if anyone is going to be in town and interested please think about it and let her know if you would be interested in participating. They really enjoyed everyone dancing that night and it was a fun evening for the dancers as well.

At 6:32 meeting was adjourned with Rich Meyer making the motion and Mike Harrell 2nded.

Respectfully submitted,
Lana H. Cieszko, Secretary of Record