"JUNE 9, 2019 Meeting Minutes"

The meeting was called to order and invocation given by President Greg Mills at 6:00 pm.

There were no visitors. The minutes were approved as written on the website.

The Treasury report was given and will be attached to the minutes. Chip Davis asked why there was so much money in the treasury. Greg advised him that the money is for planned events for the club, donations by the club, etc.


COMMUNICATIONS - Juliet Meyer stated for the members to send her any information that needs to be sent out to club members. Greg stated that since the implementation of this committee several months ago, and the feedback has been so favorable, that Communications Committee will become a standing committee.

MEMBERSHIP - Jackie Miraya reported that all revisions and corrections have been completed on the roster. She also reported the addition of 5 new members. The new members are Mickey Davis, Barbara Dorris, Ed Dorris, John Incatta and Jackie Beach. This brings our total membership to 123. Jackie also asked the membership to please let her know when any information changes on their profiles so she can make the necessary corrections.

SOCIAL - Debbie Travis reported that the Red, White and Blue Party is just a month away and all plans are being finalized. She asked that anyone planning to attend to please sign the RSVP sheet at the front desk or call Ann Brinson or herself, so the caterers will have an accurate count for menu prep.

SUNSHINE - Lora Starr reported that a get well card was sent to Rich Meyer, and Rich is back to normal. A communication was sent out regarding the passing of Andy Metts father; get well flowers were sent to Ann Brinson, and information was also sent out to the membership regarding the passing of Henry Heath's mother. Raymond Rigsbee reported that Harold Mozingo is now in Hospice care and he and LaVerne have requested NO VISITORS; but cards would be greatly appreciated. Let's keep all of these members in our thoughts and prayers.

WAYS AND MEANS - Jose` Miraya stated the TRSC fans are now 2 for $5. The Queen of Hearts Raffle has $110 as of tonight and he will be selling tickets at all general meetings and special events. Those tickets will be 3 for $5.


OLD BUSINESS - Monte Starr reported that the next meeting for the bylaws will be June 19, 2019 and hopefully only 2-3 more meetings before the bylaws are finished with corrections, additions and ready for club approval.

Greg still has about 18 SOS cards; so if you need one, see Greg. Reminder of our Red, White and Blue party being held July 6, 2019 at the VFW in James City, beginning at 4:00 pm. The meal will be catered by Moore's Barbecue, with chicken and barbecue and all trimmings, including drink and dessert. This is a BYOB function and the VFW will be selling set ups, wine and beer.

NEW BUSINESS - The ACSC Workshop will be in Charlotte this year, the second weekend in July. The annual cruise will be during Mardi Gras with New Orleans being a port of call. Greg handed out Fun Monday tickets. They are $10 each. Greg reported that the Mum Fest committee has contacted him again for shaggers to put on an event in October. He will have more input as he gets the information.

Ann Upchurch brought reverse raffle tickets from the Atlantic Beach Shag Club. Their event will be June 23, 2019 beginning at 4:00. It will be catered.

Doug Lyon presented the information that Attitudes can get a new hardwood oak dance floor for $1000, and he proposed the shag club do a fund raiser to help Claude defray the cost. Doug also mentioned that the new plaques (Presidents plaque, and Charter Members plaque) are missing and asked if anyone had seen them or any idea if they had been packed away.

Frankie Waters presented information about Vial for Life, which is a packet of information for anyone who needs one, but is so important for seniors or people living alone. The information is in case you are unable to speak for yourself, or for first responders. It contains medical information, emergency contacts, allergies, etc.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Lyon, Secretary