"JAN 24, 2022 Meeting Minutes"

The meeting was called to order and the invocation given by President Greg Mills at 6:00 pm.

There were no corrections to the minutes, as posted on the website.

There were no visitors present.

The minutes were approved as emailed from the October meeting.

Angie Taylor gave the treasurers report. The report was approved and will be attached to the minutes. 


Paula Mills reported that we have 159 members, to date. She asked that everyone printout the application form from our website and have ready, with payment, for the Re-Up party on Sunday.  If there are no changes to the information on the membership form you may just sign and turn in with payment.

Janet Metts stated that our RE-UP party will be Sunday January 30, 2022 at TAP THAT, starting at 6:00 pm.  She asked for approval of $350 for heavy hors d’oeuvres, with the stipulation if more than 50 attend, additional monies will be approved to accommodate.  Janet made the motion and Jose Miyara seconded.  The motion was voted on, and passed.  Our DJ will be Justin Rouse.  If you are a member and coming to Re-Up, or are a new person coming in to apply for membership there will be NO door fee.  If you are coming just for the party, there will be a $5.0i0 charge at the door.  Let’s make this a huge RE-UP event!!!

Janet discussed all of the future parties and fund raisers, with much discussion from everyone in attendance.  It was decided to wait until after the RE-UP party to see how many members we will be planning for, so all discussion was tabled until next meeting.  Janet also gave information on several venues, with prices, we can use.  They are:  Elks Lodge $525 if sponsored by one of their members, $725 if non sponsored.  VFW $425 for main room, $625 for entire building.  Shrine Club $1200 for 8 hours, with a $200 deposit that would be refunded upon completion of event.  Attitudes for any Saturday night function, at no charge, TRSC would collect the door and pay the DJ.  Janet made the above motion to table discussion until after the Re-Up party and was seconded by Sylvia Anders.



Jackie Case reported that Claudia Wainwright had cataract surgery today and is doing well.  Billy Layton’s sister-in-law passed away, and Mike Edwards is having neck surgery tomorrow.  Please keep these people in your prayers for healing and recovery.

WEBMASTER – Greg reported that he had spoken to Doug Mendez and Doug is working on getting the bylaws updated as per information from previous meeting.

Greg has SOS cards available.  All other items on the agenda for OLD BUSINESS were discussed and reported under SOCIAL

It was brought up to the Membership to re-instate the sign-up sheet for every function held by TRSC.  Greg stated it gives us a record of who attends and a paper trail for money coming into the club.  This was approved by all members present.


DJ THROWDOWN will be moved from Ducks to Fat Harold’s this year, in North Myrtle Beach.  The dates are March 3-6, 2022.


There were Thank You letters from the Food Bank, Hall of Fame Foundation in Myrtle Beach, and Merci Clinic, for donations from TRSC.


Competitive Shaggers Association is striving to get their contests re-started.


Greg asked the membership if there was any problem changing our meeting time from 6:00pm to 6:30pm, to accommodate the members that are working, since we have the room from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. It was voted to change the meeting time to 6:30pm for all future meetings.  I notified Ann Darkow via text message at 7:15pm.



There being no further business, a motion was made by Linda McAllister and seconded by Martin Ciezsko to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 7:02pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Lyon, Secretary