"JULY 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes"

Meeting was called to order by Ken McDonald at 6:07. President Martin Cieszko was detained from the Augusta ACSC Workshop. Ken McDonald also gave the Invocation.

Minutes were approved from the June Meeting by Rich Meyer and Seconded by Carlton Heath.

Treasurer's Report - Henry Heath: Treasurer's report was given by Henry Heath with Carlton Heath motioning to accept and Doris Johnson seconded.

Ken McDonald asked if there were any visitors present and there were 2, Tony Patti and Linda Sheppard who are currently taking Sylvia Anders' Shag Class. They were welcomed by the members.


Juliet Meyer - Membership:  Juliet Meyers reported that there are currently 90 members

Rich Meyer - Ways & Means:  Rich Meyers stated that the Raffle for September is going well and that he still has plenty of tickets to sale.

Roxane Bond - Sunshine:  Roxanne Bond had no report but Rich Meyer spoke up and said he would like to thank everyone for their cards, care and concerns during his knee and hip surgery. Ken McDonald thanked everyone also.

Megan Elliott - Social:  No Report.

Sylvia Anders - Dance:  Sylvia Anders wanted everyone to remember that fall SOS is September 12th-21st and hopes everyone will try and go and that Martin Cieszko still has tickets to SOS for sale. She also reminded everyone that the GDP dance for Gail King is the next Saturday and starts at 6PM and that Betty Brown and Doug Lyon will be the DJ's for the evening.


Juliet Meyer reminded everyone that we still need participants for the Cravens Got Talent in September for an exhibition and that she had to let the committee know as soon as possible if we were going to participate. Martin Cieszko stated that he had asked several couples if they would participate and he felt that all of them would.

Sylvia brought up the Fred Anders Dance Contest and that they are still looking for a chairperson to head it up if it is going to be done this year.

It was also mentioned that the Mumfest would be a good opportunity for our club members to participate in an exhibition if anyone wanted to pursue it.


Martin Cieszko talked about the workshop that he had just returned from in Augusta, Ga and the ACSC meeting.

He also mentioned that he has Fun Monday Tickets for sale for anyone that would be going to the Fall SOS. He reminded everyone that the Junior SOS was starting that week and it would cost $10 to get in and that your current SOS cards wouldn't be accepted. The $10 entrance fee would also get you a t-shirt.

Motion was made to adjourn at 6:20pm by Carlton Heath and Rich Meyer seconded.

Minutes were recorded by Carol Jordan in absence of our Secretary, Lana Cieszko.

Respectfully submitted,
Lana H. Cieszko, Secretary