"SEPTEMBER, 2015 Meeting Minutes"

(NOTE: The September meeting was held August 30th.)

President Cieszko welcomed everyone at 6:01 pm and gave the Invocation.

There were no guests present and only 18 members in attendance.

Motion was made by Don Midyette to approve the August minutes and Doris Johnson seconded. Motion passed.


Treasurer's Report - Roxane Russell:  Questions about how much was made at the Reverse Raffle? Rich Meyer spoke but didn't have figures with him. President Cieszko said they would get the final numbers and let the members know. Franky Waters wanted to know exactly what the money was spent for on Sunshine, and was satisfied with the answer. Tanya Twichell made a motion to accept Treasurers report as written. Franky seconded and motion passed.

Fred Anders Report was given on account balance and what was recently spent and Doris Johnson made a motion to accept the report on Fred Anders Fund and was seconded by Don Midyette. Motion passed.

Social - Lynette Rigsbee:  (absent) President Cieszko spoke with Lynette and she said she will probably do a "Survived SOS Party" and wants everyone to bring something back with them from SOS like, sand, t-shirt, Carefree Times, worn out shoes or anything you can bring back. It will either get you a free entrance at the door or a drink. More information to follow so watch your emails for an update.

Sunshine - Franky Waters:  Everyone seems to be healthy right now and nothing to report.

Membership - Juliet Meyer:  Voted on one new applicant rejoining and that was Patrick McCullough. Motion was made to accept his application into membership by Rich Meyer and seconded by LaVerne Mozingo. Motion passed, we now have 85 members.


Cravens Got Talent Committee contacted President Cieszko to see if the club was going to participate again this year and he told them he wasn't sure due to the fact that the Talent show is the first weekend of SOS. President Cieszko asked the attending members if anyone would like to participate and no one stated that they would so he will contact the Chair of the Talent show and let them know the club will not participate this year. Maybe next year and Juliet Meyer stated that they are going to change the date next year back to the last weekend in September so as not to be in conflict with other things going on at the same time.

President Cieszko mentioned that he and Lana were wearing t-shirts with a possible new Club Logo on them and for everyone to look at them and see what they think. It is a Juke Box in the center with sailboats on each side in the water to depict the Twin Rivers. It is embroidered and was done by Carolina Sports in Morehead City. He quoted that the ones we had on were at a cost of $18.00 with the embroidered stitching and are Izod Performance Polo style shirts. He will do a ladies low neck for $15.00 and if you take him a shirt you would like to have done he will only charge $5.00. Some of the club members didn't understand why we wanted to change the logo and others said it is time. Phyllis Boyle wanted a motion made to accept the new Logo and no one would make a decision but had lots of discussion about them. President Cieszko stated that it would be tabled until the next meeting and that LaVerne would put a picture of the Logo on the website for members to look at closer and make suggestions if any. (See two logos at the end of the minutes - one has black writing and the other has red writing.)

President Cieszko stated that he still has Fun Monday tickets and if anyone wanted to purchase any they needed to do it that night. They have to be returned to the SOS committee on the 1st of September. He also has 1 SOS card left if anyone needs one and it will be sent back on the 1st also if not sold. Sylvia asked how many Fun Monday tickets had been sold and he told her 17 but that Greg Mills has 20 out currently and he will contact him to either get them returned or get the money for them.


President Cieszko stated that it is time to pick a Nominating Committee to report back to the membership in November and to be voted on in December. He asked for volunteers and Don and Gail Midyette, LaVerne Mozingo and Lynette Rigsbee (had told the President she would sit on the committee when he talked to her).

An Audit committee is also needed and was asked for volunteers with Doris Johnson, Linda McAlister, Sylvia Anders, and Franky Waters volunteering. President Cieszko told them to get in touch with Roxane for a time to get with her and go over the books by December.

Tony Wolter asked to speak and asked if there was any way that our club could sponsor a workshop like they just attended on Saturday with Don Bunn? He stated that it would be nice to go in with several other clubs and get a large participation and make it a fun time. There were many questions and he was asked to check with some other Shag Clubs to see if they would be interested and report back at the next meeting.

Rich Meyer made a motion to adjourn and Phyllis Boyle seconded. Motion passed and meeting ended at 6:30.



"AUGUST 9, 2015 Meeting Minutes"

President Cieszko called the August meeting to order at 6:03pm. President Cieszko asked everyone to remember our members who have recently passed away, Martha Carter, Ernie Land, and also keep Janet Metts' son in your thoughts and prayers as he starts his treatments, as well as Theresa and Woody Weeks for their son's speedy recovery and Wayne Evans family. Invocation was given by President Cieszko.

Guest currently is Carol Winters but will be voted on tonight by membership with Don & Gayle Midyette as their sponsor.

Minutes were approved by Mike Harrell and Jose Miraya seconded, voted and passed by the members present.


Treasurer's Report - Roxane Russell:  Report was given and accepted by Jose Miraya and seconded by Wanda Butler, voted and passed by the members present.

Social - Lynette Rigsbee:  Nothing to report.

Sunshine - Doris Johnson in Franky Waters' absence:  The club made a donation to the American Cancer Society in the memory of Martha Carter. A sympathy card was sent to Ernie Land's family. Please keep all the families in your thoughts and prayers.

Don Midyette asked to speak at this time and said he appreciated all the genuine thoughts and compassion during the time of his Mother's passing. It meant a lot to him and Gayle to know everyone was there during a time when they really needed a lot of support.

Ways & Means - Rich Meyer:  Rich reminded everyone about the Reverse Raffle party, tickets are still available and will continue to sell up to the time that the first ticket is drawn. He sent a flyer to all the Shag Clubs. First ticket drawn will go back in the pot. Midway through the ticket drawings (depending on how many sold) the name on the ticket will receive $50. David Sessoms will be the DJ for the night and is a Hall of Famer! A ticket will get you in and if you didn't purchase a ticket the cost to get in there will be a $10 cover charge. Rich needs help the night of the drawings so let him know if you can help. Party starts at 8 and first drawing will be at 9pm.

Membership - Juliet Meyer:  Carol Winters made application and it is time to vote on her. Motion was made by Mike Harrell to accept her application for membership and Henry Heath seconded, voted on and passed by the members present. There is a new application on Patrick McCullough that we will vote on in September. He is a previous member and looks forward to rejoining the club.

OLD BUSINESS: President Cieszko let everyone know that he is still working on the Logo for the Twin Rivers Shag Club. He hopes to have one printed by the next meeting for everyone to see.


Ann Brinson asked to speak in Sylvia Anders behalf. She read a letter that Sylvia composed about the Fred Anders Dance Funds. She agrees to remove the seed money amount from the bylaws and thinks that we need to use this money when a request comes in for help. There is an application that has to be completed and a committee that reviews the request. It currently states that $3500 stays in the fund as seed money but she feels it needs to be disbursed.

Ann Brinson made a motion to accept Sylvia's request to release the $3500 and Mike Harrell seconded. Mike spoke and explained why the money was held in the first place but says it is time to release it to help others in need. He stated that we need to help people in our local area and connected with the club and to dissolve the funds as needed and then close the account when all of the funds are used. There currently is no limit amount to be asked for from the recipient but there is a form that is on the Website to be completed. Membership voted and it passed.

President Cieszko asked to have the September meeting changed to August 30th. September is going to be a busy month with Labor Day and SOS for 2 weekends and since August has 5 Sundays in it and stated that the September meeting will be a full one. A nominating committee made up of three members needs to be chosen and an audit committee consisting of two members also needs to be chosen. Mike Harrell made the motion to change the meeting date and LaVerne Mozingo seconded, members voted and passed.

President Cieszko congratulated Raymond and Lynette Rigsbee along with Harold and LaVerne Mozingo for combined anniversaries of 100 years! What an accomplishment!!

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Made by Rich Meyer and seconded by Jose Miraya. Passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 6:24 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Lana H. Cieszko, Secretary of Record

The Fred Anders Cancer Benefit Fund Application is in the below PDF. Please open and print.

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