"FEBRUARY 9, 2020 Meeting Minutes"

The meeting was called to order and the invocation given by President Greg Mills at 6:00 pm.

There were no visitors.

The minutes were approved as posted on the website.

The Treasurer's report was given and will be attached to the minutes. The sign-in sheet from last week was not given or attached.


MEMBERSHIP - Jackie Miraya reported we have 132 members, including 17 new members.


  • Tracy Bennett

  • Caroline Blackburn

  • Randy Case

  • Melynie Connor

  • Dick Gatchel

  • Randy Hill

  • Dee Smith

  • Augusta Jackson

  • Bobbie Matthews

  • Vickie Matthews

  • Susan Meeks

  • Lisa Moore

  • Tim Moore

  • Gary Paris

  • Susan Warren

  • Tyler Warren

  • Charles Wiggins
We received and approved 3 additional members during the meeting. They were:
  • Cynthia Teasdale

  • Walt Teasdale

  • Sara Cozart

Please recognize and welcome these newcomers. Jackie also stressed to everyone to let her know if they are not getting her correspondence so she can check your email address. She is working on the new member packets, and streamlining the current membership application.

SUNSHINE - Jackie Case reported that Doris Johnson has had back surgery in Raleigh and is home recovering.

A card was sent to Phyllis Ford due to the tragic passing of her son.

Randall Lovette has been in the hospital, but is now at home trying to regain his strength.

Kay Wicker has had foot surgery.

Wayne Pittman has had shoulder surgery.

Lynette Rigsbee has had a knee replacement.

Let's keep these wonderful folks in our thoughts and prayers. Jackie also announced that Gail King went to her heavenly home January 31, 2020. Gail was a charter member of this club, a past Treasurer, and past President. There will be no service for friends to pay their respects, so Twin Rivers Shag Club is planning a Celebration of Life party in memory of Gail on March 21, 2020. A flyer will be forthcoming with details.

WAYS AND MEANS - NO COMMITTEE CHAIR - Greg did relay info about a possible bus trip to the Raleigh Shag Club for a night of fellowship and dancing, and then the Raleigh Shag Club would come to Attitudes to fellowship with us. Anyone who has any ideas for Ways and Means, please notify any board member.

SOCIAL - Lynette is working on functions for the future, but nothing to report at this time.

OLD BUSINESS - SOS cards still available. The ACSC Summer Workshop will be in Pigeon Forge. Doug reported that he has gotten two quotes on computer technology and is waiting on the third. Herschel reported that he had looked into Wild Apricot for our website. They charge $40 per month, and said the website is very user friendly. They wanted to look at our website and Herschel asked if it was ok with the membership. Tanya made a motion to let Herschel proceed and Ann Brinson seconded the motion. The plaques for Past Presidents and Charter Members were shown and will be placed in a permanent place. Greg reminded the membership that the Board meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend. In order to speak at the meeting a member must be on the agenda, and the same for the monthly meeting. The board meeting is always the first Monday of the month at Attitudes at 7:00 pm. Greg had the budget on display for everyone to see. A motion was made by LaVerne to accept the 2020 budget as proposed, and a second from Jackie Case. The motion was carried. Please remember our Valentine Party will be next Sunday February 16, 2020 at 6:00 at Attitudes. Admission $5.00, BBQ pig dinner $8.00. Please sign the sheet at the door if you intend to eat dinner.

NEW BUSINESS - Greg has asked that all committee chairs attend the March board meeting on March 3, 2020. Please let a board member know if you need to be on the agenda for the board meeting or the regular meeting. The agendas will be posted (emailed) prior to each meeting.

There being no further business, a motion was made by Jim Washington and seconded by Doug Lyon to adjourn at 6:22 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Lyon, Secretary