"JUNE 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes"

The meeting was called to order at 6:03 PM by President, Greg Mills who then gave the invocation remembering our military troops.

There were no new members or visitors to be recognized.

President Mills called for any additions or corrections to the minutes as they appear on the web. None being brought forward, the minutes will become permanent records.

Treasurer's Report - Roxane Russell:  Roxane gave the financial report for the month of May. As there were no additions or corrections to the financial report, it will be attached to the minutes for permanent record.


Membership - Kathy Beliveau:  Roxane reported for Kathy, who was out of town. We now have 119 paid members. Kathy anticipates additional members before our July social.

Social - Patricia Lyon:  There is a slight change to the flyer for the July party on Saturday night, July 8th. The food for the party (Hamburgers & Hot Dogs with trimmings) will be served from 6:30-7:30. Patricia needs an RSVP by July 3rd. Her telephone number is 252-229-3554. There will be a $5 cover charge for guests; members free.

There will be a "craft party" either the 17th or 24th of June for those who want to make "saddle oxfords" for the party. Bring white Ked-type tennis shoes and black magic markers.

Decorating for the party will be on Friday, July 7th at Attitudes - everyone meet at 4PM.

Our next big party will be Halloween.

Sunshine - Linda McAlister:  Linda was not in attendance. Brenda continues to need our prayers. She is still in recovery in rehab.

Social Media - Jose Miraya:  Jose was not in attendance.

Ways & Means - Raymond Rigsbee:  Raymond gave a report on the Reverse Raffle. Roxane won the grand prize of $2,017 along with $100 for selling the winning ticket. He thanked Lynette for keeping track of all the tickets and money. He thanked Roxane who got off work and immediately came to help put ticket stubs into the bottles for the tumbler; Greg helped with putting the tickets in the bottles and making sure every ticket was in a bottle and every ticket number matched and was on the big board. Jim Caton & Henry Heath helped with the tumbler, pulled the numbers and marked pulled numbers off of the board. There were no problems or confusion with the process. Raymond thanked Claude and Kathy for the food and our party DJ David Sessoms. Thanks to Carl Bowen and Atlantic Beach Shag Club for loaning the tumbler and the ticket bottles. Greg Mills was the top ticket seller and he received $100 and an extra ticket in the pot. (Note that Kathy Beliveau was second in ticket sales.)

Only 40 members out of 119 sold tickets. He hopes more members will step up to the plate the next time. After expenses, the club cleared a very nice addition to the treasury.


Don't forget the hand-held fans which promote Twin Rivers Shag Club and keep you cool at the same time.

TRSC will be bidding on the workshop next month. The last meeting will be next Sunday the 18th. All are welcome to attend - 5PM at Attitudes.

Please don't forget to volunteer for a 30 minute session at the door. This will keep the same ones from having to work all the time.


Greg has "Fun Monday" tickets that he will distribute next week. They are $10; please buy for yourself and sell for the club which keeps us in good favor with ACSC.

The Board has discussed the possibility of selling advertising to local business or individuals who would sponsor the shag club. We will put a committee together to assign individuals and territories to solicit sponsors. We can also tie these sponsors to our website.

Teresa Weeks asked about a donation in support of MS. She said the club has donated $250 in the past. TRSC will be on a banner representing sponsorship and will be left in place for up to 4 weeks. Ann Brinson made a motion to donate $250 to the MS project; Grace Stephenson seconded. The motion passed.


We are thinking about building our own tumbler for the Annual Reverse Raffle. We've found a place to get the bottles. Anyone who would like to donate time or skill for this project, contact Greg or Raymond.

There was a dance contest in Goldsboro last weekend in which 3 club members participated.

Saturday night June 17th Claude will have a pre-Father's Day prime rib dinner. The club will have dancing on Father's Day June 18th.

The meeting adjourned at 6:23 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
LaVerne Mozingo, Secretary of Record