"JANUARY 10, 2015 Meeting Minutes"

2016 President Greg Mills called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm. Greg briefly talked about beginning a new year and what he would like to see happen with the club. He then gave the Invocation.

He also read a brief article entitled "Attitude" and what it could mean for the club and members. Following, he recognized and welcomed visitors and guests and encouraged them to join.

Raymond Rigsbee moved to accept the minutes for December, 2015 as they appear on the website. Harold Mozingo seconded and all approved.

Treasurer's Report - Roxane Russell:  Roxane reported that there has been no activity on the Fred Anders account. She then gave a detailed reporting of the income and expenses for the month of December which included a $100 donation to both the Boys & Girls club and the Salvation Army. A motion to accept was made by Susie Harrell and seconded by Kathy Beliveau. All approved.


Membership - Juliet Meyer:  Juliet presented two applications for membership; i.e. Edita Woodward who lives in New Bern and is sponsored by Jack Bond; and D Cristoforetti who lives in River Bend and is also sponsored by Jack Bond. These two applicants will be voted on at the February meeting. Greg thanked Juliet for her contribution as Membership Chairman for the past two years. A new Chair is need if someone would like to volunteer.

Linda McAlister asked about future applicant voting being done by private ballot. Some discussion followed with the By-laws being checked. It was determined that changing the voting procedure would not violate the By-laws. Linda moved to change the voting to private ballot; Janet metts seconded. The vote passed with 12 members voting yes and 7 members voting no.

Ways & Means:  Martin Cieszko and Raymond Rigsbee will co-chair this committee and they are already in the process of developing ideas.

Sunshine - Doris Johnson:  Doris read thank you cards from Martin Cieszko, Brenda Heath and for donations made to the National MS Organization (in memory of past member Warren rady), the American Cancer Society (in memory of member Martha Carter), and the Salvation Army for our $100 donation at Christmas time.

Doug Lyon mentioned that past member Phillip Cordova was recently killed in an automobile accident.

Social:  Sylvia Anders and Ann Brinson will co-chair this committee. The first event of the year will be our Membership Re-Up Party on the last Sunday in January which is the 31st.


It was suggested at the last meeting that the club not wait until December to help families in need. The club voted in favor of sponsoring two families. Greg asked that club members let him know who might need our help so that the support can begin.


Greg reminded everyone that Mid-Winter will be next week and that he has SOS cards available for purchase.

Sylvia asked about a generic email address that she could use to send out information to the membership when an event is in the making. Roxane has a distribution list set up and she can distribute emails for Sylvia.

As there was no further business to be discussed President Mills called for a motion to adjourn. Rich Meyer moved for adjournment; Mike Harrell seconded at 6:27pm and all approved.

Respectfully submitted,
LaVerne Mozingo, Secretary of Record

The Fred Anders Cancer Benefit Fund Application is in the below PDF. To apply, select the Icon to open the document, print it, complete the information and return to the Twin Rivers Shag Club.

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