"AUGUST 10, 2014 Meeting Minutes"

President Martin Cieszko called the August meeting to order at 6:02 and gave the invocation.

There was one visitor present and that was Billy Layton's, our DJ's fiancÚ.

July's minutes were approved by Harold Mozingo and seconded by Carlton Heath.

Treasurer's Report - Henry Heath: Treasurer's report was given by the President since Henry Heath was on vacation and were approved.

The President announced that all of the SOS cards that he had have been sold but he has plenty of Fun Monday tickets with him and can be purchased tonight. He reminded everyone that you don't have to be present to win and there are a lot of prizes to be given out. The Fun Monday ticket money has to be turned in by the 30th of August. Martin is going to try and get some more SOS cards for the people who haven't gotten theirs yet and he will let them know when he receives them.

President Cieszko brought up the question as to whether our club is going to participate as we have in the past for the Thursday party that will be at Pirates Cove during SOS. The cost is still $175.00. He reported that of the 6 clubs that normally participate one club has dropped out and they are looking for another club to take its place. There are 10 tickets that will be given to the Sponsoring individual clubs for drinks that are given out at the party. A club member will be responsible for getting these tickets to any of the club members that attend. Several questions were brought up about the food and they didn't feel that we should support this party because outside members that have a SOS card can also attend this party and a little history was given of how this party was started. It was discussed that we could better benefit having a party at our own club before going to SOS. After much discussion Jose Miraya made a motion to call to pay the $175.00 with 19 voting yes and 9 no's. Motion passed.

There has been much discussion as to where the Twin Rivers Shag Club banner is and no one seems to be able to find it so we have gotten quotes from 3 different companies to have a new one made. Bender Signs had the lowest quotes and Lana Cieszko will contact them and have one made in time for the club to hang one at the Craven's Got Talent exhibition. If it is ready in time for SOS someone may be able to take it to the Pirates Cove party and be responsible for it. Carlton Heath made the motion that we purchase a new banner and Phyllis Boyle 2nded and all in favor. Sylvia Anders stated that she would look to see if it is in with her other banners and let Lana know before she purchases a new one.

President Cieszko let everyone know that there have been 18 people to commit for the Craven's Got Talent Exhibition on the 27th of September at Grover C. Fields School. He wanted to thank everyone that has volunteered and it should be a fun time and for a worthy cause.

Mike Harrell spoke to the membership and suggested that the Club have a Pre-SOS Shooter Party like we used to at Attitudes. He then made a motion that we spend no more and no less than the $175.00 that we pay for the Pirates Cove party. It will be on the same night as our September meeting that has been changed to the 7th due to SOS being on the 2nd weekend in Sept. It was seconded by Carlton Heath and motion passed.


Rich Meyer - Ways & Means:  Stated that he still has Raffle tickets to be sold for the Labor Day drawing but wanted to thank everyone that have sold and returned their money to him. Please try to get the money to him by the 31st of August but there will be a party on the night of the drawing and Claude Banks will play for us. Be sure to come out and have a good time!

Megan Elliott - Social:  President Cieszko announced that the Social Committee Chair Megan Elliott has decided to step down and Kathy Beliveau wants to take a break because of being out of town a lot so he asked if anyone would consider stepping up and taking over this Committee. There are several people that are willing to help but don't want to chair this committee. There were no volunteers but he will keep trying to find someone to take Megan's place and thanked she and Kathy for all they had done.

Megan Elliott informed everyone that there will be a Beach Party at Attitudes on the 17th of August and there will be door prizes so please dress in your loudest beach attire and plan to have fun.

Sylvia Anders - Dance:  Sylvia Anders took the floor and announced that she is now teaching Shag to some members of the High School and College Students at no charge and if any of our members knew of anyone that might be interested please let her know. She is trying to get younger people introduced to the Shag and hopefully learn the dance and enjoy it.

President Cieszko asked for a motion to adjourn at 6:39 with Carlton Heath making that motion and Harold Mozingo seconded. President Cieszko said now let's dance and have a great time!

Respectfully submitted,
Lana H. Cieszko, Secretary