"JUNE 8, 2014 Meeting Minutes"

President Martin Cieszko called the June meeting to order at 6:00 and he also gave the invocation.

May Minutes were approved by Jose Miraya and 2nded by Carlton Heath.

Treasurer's Report - Henry Heath: Treasurer's report was given by Henry Heath and approved.

President announced that the information about our Domain Name Twin Rivers Shag Club had been looked into by Jose Miraya and it has been determined that there is nothing that needs to be done at this time.

President announced that Megan Elliott has asked if someone else would handle the Social Committee for a couple of months since she has a lot on her plate right now and doesn't feel that she can do a proper job. President Cieszko asked if anyone would take on the position but no one agreed to do it. The current committee members said they would be glad to help in any way possible but didn't want to be the Chair to this committee.

Juliet Meyer spoke about the Cravens Got Talent program that is going to be held on the 27th of September and asked if we as a club would like to do a Shag Exhibition as a group? She needs to let the committee know as soon as she can so they can work on their lineup for the night. It will be held at Grover C. Fields Middle School and all funds raised will benefit the Special Olympics Program. It was not decided at this time as to whether we would participate.

President Cieszko announced that Rich Meyers (Ways & Means Committee Chair) has not recovered completely from his hip surgery and so he would be taking over until Rich can recuperate enough to come back to the club and participate. President Cieszko has the Raffle Tickets and asked that you please give your money to him and take more to sell if possible. Mike Harrell will be doing a 50/50 tonight in Rich's place.

Jose Miraya spoke and said that he wanted to make sure that everyone in the club understands that anyone can post information on our Facebook Page with photos or upcoming events and encourages everyone to post information.

President Cieszko brought up that the club needed to vote on the By-laws that have been submitted to everyone and that he hoped everyone had a chance to review the changes that were suggested. He opened the floor for any discussion or questions and a few clarifications were brought up and answered and then a motion was made to accept the By-laws as they have been written with the new changes by Phyllis Boyle and 2nded by Ann Brinson, vote was taken and the new By-laws were adopted.

Carlton Heath brought up the question as to who is on the Social Committee and exactly what are they responsible for and what type of functions are they to do through the year. After some discussion about the Committee's role and who is on it then a suggestion was made to the membership that if anyone had a party that they would like to see the Social Committee do then please present it to one of the Committee Members. Also it was asked if the Social Committee was listed on the Website and it was stated that it would be checked on to make sure that it is.

Doug Lyon asked if there is to be a DJ on the Sunday before Labor Day and were we going to have one on the following night of the Raffle drawing? It was discussed in some detail and then the President stated that there would be a DJ on the Sunday before Labor Day and then someone would play on the night of the Raffle Drawing and hoped everyone would come out for a night of fun.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:25 pm by President Cieszko.

Respectfully submitted,
Lana H. Cieszko, Secretary

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