"AUGUST 14, 2016 Meeting Minutes"

The meeting was called to order at 6:01 pm by President, Greg Mills. President Mills also gave the invocation.

Visitors were recognized and welcomed.

President Mills asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes as they appear on the website. None being brought forward a motion was made by Martin Cieszko and seconded by Pat Lyon to accept the minutes as they appear on the web. The motion passed.

Treasurer's Report - Roxane Russell:  Roxane gave the financial reports for the shag club accounts for the preceding month.

With no changes to either, the reports will be attached to the minutes for permanent record.


Membership - Kathy Beliveau:  Kathy was not present but new members Anne Upchurch (sponsored by Don & Gayle Midyette and James Oonek sponsored by Phyllis Ford) were announced to the membership.

Social - Sylvia Anders & Ann Brinson:  Plans are being made for a Pre-SOS party and a survival party after, much the same as we had in the spring.

Social Media - Jose Miraya:  Jose said the Facebook page was getting a lot of hits.

Ways & Means - Raymond Rigsbee & Martin Cieszko:  Nothing to report.

Sunshine - Doris Johnson:  The club has received "Thank You" cards from the Junior Diabetes Foundation for our donation in memory of Tommy "T-Bird" Smith; from T-Bird's wife Brenda; and from the SC Hall of Fame Foundation for our donation to their Golf Tournament.


Greg has SOS cards if needed. He also has Fun Monday tickets which the club should be able to sell. He needs to have the money by August 21st. Remember, the top seller gets 2 extra tickets in his/her name.

Greg displayed the matted SOS themed print. Suggested retail price $75.


Claude is going to purchase 4 additional ceiling fans. Greg will install them. Pat McCullough donated a very large floor fan. In addition, Greg proposed that the club purchase 2 portable A/C units. He suggested cooling capacity of 1500 BTU's at a price of around $300 each. The units will belong to the club. Jose Miraya made the motion, with a second from Franky Waters for the club to purchase the A/C units. The motion passed.

Greg asked if the club is again interested in participating in the Pirate's Cove Thursday Party. After discussing the merits of our joining in, Lana Cieszko made a motion with a second from Doug Lyon to not participate in the Thursday party.

Martin Cieszko then moved to use the $220 we would have spent on the combined party to fund our club Pre-SOS Party. Mike Harrell seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Greg announced that Rodney Holmes will be the DJ for our Christmas Party which will allow our 4 club DJ's to attend and enjoy the festivities. We will need to pay for a motel room for Rodney. Linda McAlister moved with a second from Sylvia Anders to pay for accommodations for Rodney. The motion passed.

Gayle Midyette told the club that Oaks Road Elementary School is need of school supplies or donations so they can purchase what is needed. Gayle will contact the school and get a list of supplies. LaVerne will put the list on the web and there will be a donation box at Attitudes.

Teresa Weeks is again riding a bike to raise money for MS. Pat Lyon moved with a second from Sylvia Anders to donate $100 to support Teresa. The motion passed.

The Special Olympics dance will be the 2nd week of SOS. If no one can dance we can make a donation instead. Pat Lyon moved with a second by Susie Harrell to donate $100. After discussion, Pat Lyon amended her motion to donate $250 and Susie Harrell again seconded. The motion passed.

Greg asked the membership about supporting a family at Christmas and asked for volunteers to serve on a committee. Gayle Midyette volunteered to chair the committee.

Greg suggested that we charge guests $5 rather than $6. It makes for easier money changing and the amount will not make that much difference in our revenue. Tanya Twichell moved with a second from Roxanne Bond to reduce guest admission to $5.00. The motion passed.

The Oar House Hall of Fame party will be October 15 at Attitudes. Admission will be $5 at the door.

Doug Lyon suggested the President's plaque hanging at Attitudes be updated and that the club have a historian. Doug made the motion with a second by Pat Lyon to have a club historian. Mike Harrell volunteered to help Doug. The motion passed.

Martin Cieszko moved with a second by Rich Myer to adjourn the meeting. the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
LaVerne Mozingo, Secretary of Record

The Fred Anders Cancer Benefit Fund Application is in the below PDF. To apply, select the Icon to open the document, print it, complete the information and return to the Twin Rivers Shag Club.

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