"JANUARY 12, 2020 Meeting Minutes"

The meeting was called to order and invocation given by President Greg Mills at 6:04 pm.

There were no first-time visitors present.

The minutes were approved as posted on the website.

The Treasurer's report was given and will be attached to the minutes.


MEMBERSHIP - Jackie Miraya stated we had 63 people re-up on Saturday at our re-up party, and 13 new member applications. This is not a final count because the deadline is not until February 1.

SUNSHINE - Jackie Case informed the members that Phyllis Ford's son had passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Lynette Rigsbee will be having knee surgery January 15, 2020. Thoughts and prayers go out to these members.

WAYS AND MEANS - NO CHAIRPERSON. Greg asked for volunteers for this committee.

SOCIAL - Lynette reported that there will be a Valentine party which is in the planning stage.

OLD BUSINESS - SOS cards are still available, and will be needed for next weekend for Mid-Winter.

The ACSC workshop will be at Pigeon Forge.

NEW BUSINESS - Discussion was entertained regarding a new computer, printer and scanner for the Club. With this, all necessary information can be stored on the computer, flyers made and correspondence done. Billy Layton made a motion to cap the expenditure at $900.00. Martin Ciezsko seconded the motion. At this point there was no further discussion or committee formed to move forward. The conversation turned to the website with input from Larry Hershbarger and Greg asked him if he would be willing to take over our website. Larry said he would consider this.

Doug Lyon thanked Sylvia Anders and Patricia Lyon for their help with the DJ Appreciation Party. He also thanked all the DJ's for their participation and the TRSC membership for attending.

Gayle Midyette thanked everyone for their donations and help in shopping and gift wrapping for the 23 children who were helped to make Christmas wishes come true.

There being no further business, a motion was made by LaVerne Mozingo to adjourn, and seconded by Rich Meyer.

Respectfully submitted,
Patricia Lyon, Secretary