"JANUARY 11, 2015 Meeting Minutes"

President Martin Cieszko opened the meeting at 5:30 and gave the invocation.

Minutes were motioned to accept by Doug Lyon and seconded by Linda McAllister.

Treasurer's Reports - Roxane Russell: Roxane gave the reports and they were motioned to accept by Rich Meyer and seconded by Doug Lyon.

President Cieszko thanked all the outgoing Directors and told them how much it was appreciated for what a good job they had done for the Club. Henry Heath stepped down as Treasurer after a 2 year service and Ken McDonald as Vice President. He thanked all the committee people that agreed to continue on this year and to the ones that stepped down and how much their service was appreciated as well. Roxane Russell did an excellent job in keeping all the members abreast of any member who was sick, in the hospital or who had a death in the family. He said he is sure that Franky Waters and Doris Johnson will do a great job this year as the Sunshine Committee.

President Cieszko announced who the new Officers are for 2015 and that after the 2014 Bylaws were completed it was approved to add another Board member listed as Director-at-large. Tanya Twitchell was nominated to that position for 2015.

President Cieszko asked the membership if they had any particular charity or anything else that they would like to see put in the budget for this year, to please let him know. He stated that there would be a line item added to the budget for donations at different times of the year to foodbanks or any facility/charity that needed help especially around the holidays or to adopt a family or child at Christmas.


President Cieszko stated that Ann Brinson had contacted him about the club's dance floor and that she has been storing it in her barn for years and would like to see it moved. She doesn't want to be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to it being in an uncontrolled environment. Jack Bond gave a report on this and said that he had gone to look at the floor and that it is still in good shape but that he wasn't sure what could be done with it. He said there are 39 sheets of 4x8 (should be 40) and would cost the club $400-$600 to put it in a storage building. He suggested that it be donated to the Habitat for Humanity to use as they see fit. There was some discussion about the floor and that in the past when the club was raising money and the floor was built people purchased a board and signed it and thought that those people might would want those boards. Lynette Rigsbee made the suggestion that the floor be brought to the club and let people look at it and see what kind of condition it is in and bid on it if they would like some signed pieces. It was then decided to table the discussion until next month and let everyone think about the best way to handle what to do with the floor.

President Cieszko then brought up the fact that the budget has been completed for 2015 and that the biggest expense was the DJ's and that our door proceeds are not keeping up with the amount taken in each week to pay them by attendance. He made a suggestion that the door amount be raised by $1.00 and that guests be raised by $2.00. There was much discussion on this matter and several motions made with one finally being motioned by Lynette Rigsbee and seconded by Donna Boulia voted on and passed to raise the door entrance fee to $5.00 and for Guests $6.00 to help offset the loss to the club.

President Cieszko also mentioned that we needed more people to volunteer for the door on Sunday nights so that the same people wouldn't be doing it every Sunday.

President Cieszko then talked about whether to continue paying for the SOS Party at Pirates Cove that we will be asked to contribute to for Spring SOS. A motion was made by Lynette Rigsbee and seconded by Jose Miraya and all voted to not pay the fee for the SOS Party this year. Then it was asked if we wanted to have a Pre-SOS Shooter Party like in the past year and a motion was made and seconded to not have any more of the Pre-SOS Shooter Parties. The motion was voted on and passed.

President Cieszko announced that there will be a DJ Throwdown Party at Myrtle Beach in March and that Butch Connor, Doug Lyon and Raymond Rigsbee will be playing. If you can, to please go and support these DJ's.

President Cieszko announced that we currently have no one to head up and organize any fundraisers for this year without a Social Chair. If anyone would like to volunteer please contact him.


Membership - Juliet Meyer:  Juliet announced that we have two applications to vote on this month that made application last month. They are Melva Prescott and Jackie Dudley; both have been members in the past. The membership voted to accept their applications into the club and they will be put on the roster as members.

She announced that she had three new applications for membership. They are Donna Boulia whom Butch Connor sponsored and said a few words about. The next ones are Brenda and Russell Turner which were presented and sponsored by Ken Daub and Carol Jordan. They will be voted on at next month's meeting.

Juliet also stated that tonight she had received 46 that signed for re-up on membership but some were upset with the price increase and would possibly pull their application back out.

President Cieszko asked if anyone had anything else to discuss and Lynette Rigsbee stated that she was no longer going to do the Phonetree and had brought the recorder with her to give to someone else who would volunteer. After no one wanted to step up to do it Donna Boulia who had just made application volunteered and she was given the machine.

It also was announced that Raymond Rigsbee is being inducted into the Hall Of Fame at Memories on February 21st and everyone was encouraged to go and support Raymond for such a great honor.

Doug Lyon then asked to speak and introduced a band member who was present with his entire group by the name of Crystal Coast Band. He gave a brief description of the type of music they play and gave the club a demo of their music and hoped that sometime our club would ask them to play. They perform at all types of functions and said we could check them out on their website or Facebook page. They give a 3, 4, or 5 hour show.

President Cieszko then stated that the meeting was adjourned at 6:25 and that the Re-up Membership Party was to begin!

Let's Party!

Respectfully submitted,
Lana H. Cieszko, Secretary of Record