"JULY 9, 2017 Meeting Minutes"

The meeting was called to order at 6:04 PM by President, Greg Mills who then gave the invocation remembering club member Brenda Heath.

There were no visitors but new member Marshall Beach was announced.

President Mills called for any additions or corrections to the minutes as they appear on the web. None being brought forward, the minutes will become a part of the club's permanent records.

Treasurer's Report - Roxane Russell:  Roxane gave the financial report for the month of June. As there were no additions or corrections to the financial report, it will be attached to the minutes for permanent record.


Membership - Kathy Beliveau:  We now have 117 paid members. Kathy anticipates additional members before our July social.

Social - Patricia Lyon:  Last night's party was an outstanding success. A great big THANK YOU to the committee who helped prepare for the party. The decorations were "awesome" and the food was delicious.

Sunshine - Linda McAlister:  Wanda Meadows is feeling better. A card has been sent to Brenda Heath. She still has a long road ahead but she does continue to improve.

Social Media - Jose Miraya:  Jose was not in attendance; but he told LaVerne to relay that he had nothing to report.

Ways & Means - Raymond Rigsbee:  The half & half returned $225 to the club. Raymond reported that he and Greg are working on the last big fund-raiser for the year. More details will be given in future meetings.


Greg sold some fans last night at the party. If anyone needs one, he has them tonight - $3.50.

Greg, representing TRSC, will be bidding on the workshop next weekend. He was hoping to have the video to present tonight but there was a technical problem so it's not quite ready. Good Luck Greg!

Please don't forget to volunteer for a 30 minute session at the door. This will keep the same ones from having to work all the time.


Greg is going to check with Henry to see if there are things that club members could do to help support Brenda's recuperation. He will let the club know. A fund-raiser was suggested. Greg will get the details and let the club know.

The meeting adjourned at 6:17 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
LaVerne Mozingo, Secretary of Record