"NOVEMBER 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes"

President Cieszko opened the October meeting at 5:58pm and invocation was given by the President.

Guests present were Carl Bowen, Melva Prescott and Jane Helms.

Minutes were approved by motion from Carlton Heath and seconded by Doug Lyon.

Treasurer's Report - Henry Heath: Treasurer gave the treasury report and a motion was made by Carlton Heath to accept and Wanda Meadows seconded.

President Cieszko announced that Lynette Rigsbee, Doris Johnson, and Roxane Bond did an audit of the Treasurer and turned the floor over to Lynette to discuss. She stated that the Treasurer had done a wonderful job and was very thorough with all the paperwork. She was pleased to announce that everything was in order and balanced.

President Cieszko turned the floor over to the Nominating Committee consisting of Juliet Meyer, Patricia Lyon and Wanda Meadows. Juliet announced their nominations for the new Slate of Officers for 2015 and they are Martin Cieszko - President, Jack Bond - Vice President, Lana Cieszko - Secretary, and Roxane Bond - Treasurer; Tanya Twichell will serve as Director-at-Large per the new By-Laws. Juliet opened the floor for any other nominations to be presented and none were added. The Membership will vote on the new Slate of Officers at the December meeting and they will take offices in January per the By-laws.

President Cieszko asked that Juliet Meyer talk about the Craven's Got Talent as far as the total collected. Juliet announced that they had raised approximately $11,000 and there were still funds coming in.


President Cieszko discussed the upcoming year for possible committees and asked that everyone think about what committee they might like to chair or help with. He said that he feels maybe the Social Committee should change per quarter so as not to have the member's burn out and would give more people a chance to help with this committee.

Membership - Juliet Meyer:  Juliet stated no changes or applications at this time.

President Cieszko announced that the Twin Rivers Shag Club Christmas Party will be on the 13th of December and that Brenda Heath is looking for Volunteers to help her decorate. Brenda spoke and said she would be doing some decorating on the 5th of December and the rest on the 13th but that way Attitudes Bar & Grill would be decorated for the entire month of December so that Kathy Banks wouldn't have to decorate for some functions and then take everything down each time they have an event during the month.

Doug Lyon announced that Claude said that Attitudes would have a Thanksgiving Party on the Wednesday 26th for anyone that would like to come out and the DJ's will be Doug Lyon and Claude Banks at no cost.

President Cieszko reminded everyone that he has the SOS cards with him and just let him know when you would like to purchase them. He also said that he had received an email from Johnny Hensley showing dancers from SOS and the Augusta Meeting and would forward it to the membership but for any that didn't get emails that they could go to Johnny's website at to view it.

President Cieszko also noted that the Executive Board has not met yet to discuss the possibility of having another Fred Anders Dance Contest and hopes to do it before the end of the year and if anyone would want to volunteer to head it up next year please contact him.

Dance - Sylvia Anders:  Sylvia stated that the Don Bunn Workshop would be on Saturday the 15th of November at the New Bern Country Club gave the times and cost of $40 per person and you will be able to eat there with cash or credit card.

Sylvia Anders also spoke and said that she had heard from the people at Judy's House of Oldies in Ocean Drive about Judy. They said she is doing better and asks that everyone continue to keep her in their prayers

President Cieszko asked if anyone had anything they would like to discuss and Raymond Rigsbee said he wanted to thank everyone that helped with the Halloween Party and thought the decorations were great and that it was a fun time and there were some great costumes.

Wanda Meadows spoke and said she wanted to thank Juliet Meyer and Patricia Lyon on the Nominating Committee. She said it was a pleasure working with both of them and very professionally done.

President Cieszko asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting with Carlton Heath making the motion and Patricia Lyon seconded. Meeting adjourned at 6:24pm

Respectfully submitted,
Lana H. Cieszko, Secretary of Record