First, I would like to say how proud I am to be the President of Twin Rivers Shag Club. It is truly an honor to represent a shag club with the stellar reputation TRSC has. I hear all the time, from folks visiting our dance night events, how open, friendly and welcoming our members are. And when I am attending ACSC functions, TRSC is always in the group of the top clubs for selling all our SOS cards, as well as all our Fun Monday tickets. For the record, not many clubs sell all of the SOS cards, and very few sell many Fun Monday tickets at all. And just so you know, TRSC is a shag club held in high regard among the ACSC board members, as well as to many other shag clubs. People are still talking about our past ACSC Workshop parties, and wanting to return to New Bern for another big event.

As president, I would like to take this time to personally thank everyone who has taken time out of their busy schedules, to volunteer their time, to chair a committee, be on the board, be on a special committee, work the door, help with the storage unit arranging, help decorate for an event, or just offer a helping hand when needed. In order for us to continue to grow and strive to be a better club, it takes people willing to help. I would like for each of you to consider being a part of a committee, or even chair a committee. And once you have been involved with the planning of an event, you will see how rewarding the fruits of your labor are, once they become a great party or fund raiser. Hard to describe the fantastic feelings you get from it. I can honestly tell you from my last few years as president, it won't always be easy. But it is very rewarding to work with the fine folks associated with TRSC.

During the past year we have had several members lose loved ones, some fighting long illnesses, and others unexpected. My heart goes out to each one of you and your families dealing with your loss. I truly feel your pain, and will continue to pray for your healing.

We have had other members go through medical procedures and others through serious illnesses. Some have come back from these serious illnesses with remarkable recoveries, to join us back out on the dance floor! And I can say, it is always a great pleasure of mine, welcoming them back to our ranks!

We are advertising weekly on Justin Rouse's show. The station is 95.7, Beach, Boogie & Blues. The time slot is every Saturday around 1:30 pm. I provide a live broadcast with Justin, and let folks out there know what is going on with TRSC. It is helping our attendance as well as our membership grow!

Through 2019 we have had some fantastic parties and fund raisers. The St Patrick's Day party was a great time for all that attended. It was well planned and organized. Not to mention well decorated! A truly great party!

Another was the Red, White and Blue Party, held in July, at the VFW post off Old Cherry Point Highway, and on the Neuse River. It was a great success and well attended. There have been many discussions to make this an annual event for the membership.

In November we had the Fall-O-Ween Party, with a costume contest. It was fantastic to see just how many folks took the time and effort to dress up and participate in the contest! This was truly a fun time for all in attendance. I am hoping we will continue to be one of the shag clubs having a costume party each year. It allows us to bring out our inner pirate!!

Also in November, we put on a fund-raiser event, to raise funds in support of a local families Christmas charity, through Social Services. We brought in Brooks & Allen to play vinyl on a Saturday night. With only thirteen days to advertise and plan it, we still managed to raise $535! This event was such a success, we have asked Brooks & Allen for a return engagement on the same Saturday night before Thanksgiving, in 2020. Attitude's is keeping the date open until we get official word from the guys. There will be more to come on this, once they have committed. I feel like if we have more time to advertise, we can raise more money than before, for our charity of choice.

We ended 2019 with our annual Christmas Party! And as always, the food was great, decorations were great, and attendance was great, with plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the night. Our special DJ of the evening was Butch Metcalf, and he kept the floor full all night!

Now I would like to take a moment to thank Claude and Kathy Banks and their fine staff for all they do to support TRSC. But, especially Claude and Kathy, for allowing us to call Attitude's the "Home of Twin Rivers Shag Club". They are always willing to do whatever is necessary to make any event we are planning a successful one. They have helped improve our dancing experience at Attitude's by, adding the big air conditioner in front of the dance floor, helping fund the new 600 sq ft oak dance floor, and adding ceiling fans in the far section of tables across from the floor. We of TRSC, by far, have one of, if not THE best club locations there is in eastern North Carolina.

Well, let me wrap this up. All in all, we have had another great year in the history of TRSC. Again thank you for allowing me to represent TRSC as your president, and thank you for your support. I consider each one of you a part of our great TRSC team. Please remember, "The difference between success and failure is a GREAT TEAM". I realize I have room for improvement in my role as president. And my promise to each of you, is to do better as a leader, and sharpen my roles and responsibilities for 2020, in order to do my part in keeping our club thriving and growing!

Thank you,




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